Endless Dreams

...war within rages on,
 fading away trough silver linings,
my strings never heard,
yet so intuned I can feel it.
like electricity surging trough my very being,
a heart pounding with endless dreams,
I can see things most people would not believe...

urk Im going very deep today,
just waiting for the end,
having my own Bladerunner moment in the rain.
I want to create worlds and experiences so badly,
but as my life turning more and more into dust,
my inner is in constant turmoil,
everything is taken of my hands,
cant get out of it myself.

All these new possibilities to be expressive
like for instance VR seems like a great platform
I would never have my hands on it.
Each day a new idea and dream overflow
my daily life, giving birth to a thousand more.

but Ive just have to sit here see my life run trough my fingers,
all them moments I could had made,
everything just lost in the rain as no one want to help me.

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