...Im just goin back to the shadows
more hurt , more alone , more pain
than I was before
I cant take this anymore
my hopes and dreams
are near nothing at all.
I dont think I have it in me
to be able to stand yet again.
Fate, hope and love
has only given me utter misery,
life does not want me here,
as if Im not of this earth at all,
Im just falling apart
Putting on a clown face
just trying to fake it
so no one ever see
Im living in my worst hell
the ultimate observer,
an astronaut with perfect high view,
can walk in any shoes,
go trough time and space,
see trough every eye,
create endless wonders and fantasies,
yet with strings that only the universe can play,
I am one, one of a kind, the only one.
within a void of darkness where only I shine.

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