Hello, Im Erik

...Hi, Im Erik born -69 in Sweden
To write all about me would take volumes,
been there done that, jack of all trades.
got 3 great kids living with there mother.

Done all from working with robotics, restaurant chef
to running an internet cafe and lead level designer for a game.
So many jack of all trades.
Speak Swedish, English and Spanish.
always been extreme creative sens birth
either imagine, dreaming, drawing & writing
Been anything from crafting to acting,
but mostly sens little, escaping into gaming due to traumas.

Latest project involved in before my life turned into ash
I was leading and teaching mentally handicapped to make
there own tv-show, was an 1 year EU project.

Now Im on sick pension, working days are over.
Battling chronic depression,
General anxiety disorder and dysthymia etc

Been here done this & that, all in the name of good !
Giving back to the community doing projects
like Free christmas dinner with entertainment,
feed like over 100 people. Also done
hours of volunteer work for women's groups and churches
Ironic Now when I need Help there is no one !

Usually Im a big goofball,
to kind for my own good,
mostly care more about others than myself,
one to many dreams, visions and ideas.
Over creative and extreme passionate.
Love to test new things and push the limits.

If it where not for gaming I wont be alive,
its been my escape and medecin to coop with life
where my doctors just tells me " have to live with it."
But now I cant keep up, to much costs.

Now cornered with no way out,
financial ruin and no future at all,
force to start from scratch, life in ruin
and have no way besides help from others,
this will only lead to hospital, homeless or worse.
all my time takes just to hold on, survive all alone.
Trying to restart my whole life under worst circumstances

I am a old school gamer, 40+ years,
my passions always been create creative content
even before internet even was thought of.
Its my greatest escape that I want to continue
the only thing that really keeps me want to get up in the morning.
But on sick pension hard to get the studio up and going

Here is some unfinished raw video work
my youngest kid wanted to test film at the bathhouse,
so I did  DIY plastic bag with my phone,
now I cant even do that.