Help a dream

...as Im on sick pension
cant get any credit or work,
just got enough a month to survive,
it covers just the basics for rent and living.
Hardly cant even do things with my kids anymore,
ontop of needing remake my home, get clothes and more.
Thus why Im seeking help to get my stream setup,
then I can start making youtube videos and live streams.
Not only gives me a fighting chance earning a living
also helps combats my chronic depression and anxiety disorder
this is my way to balance life, reaching out trough social medias
share my creative side and socialize.
So I can saveup and buy all other things I desperately need
all from home appliances to clothes.
You can help donate to that, see right side.

Please help and support and sponsor
by gifting the items I need trough Amazon

Thanks, bless
Erik Andersson

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