Getting worse

//dont know how to express my situation,
make you take a minute to hear me.
When I say Im caged hopelessly with no way out,
I cant be more direct than that.
All the pressure and anxiety,
all fears against me at once,
the weight on my shoulder start taking out its toll,
my body starting to also cave in now.
Step by step forward, I just slip more behind.
Everything just holding me down.

My inflammation in my legs start to taking hold again,
cant even use the only pants Ive got,
just have to start use sweatpants from now on.
My back and bones hurting more and more,
I cant even pickup my routines to walk and gym,
dont even own clothes for it or even able to pay.
As this is just the ice-tip of all the problems
more and more is just against me, Im just caving in,
seriously I cant handle this much longer.

Please help,
smallest donation helps,
for $2500 I could restart my whole life,
build a home and get the clothes & things I need
and have a fighting chance to earn a living.

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