Im Fallen

...I might be fallen,
does not make me evil,
Its because I choose to,
beliefs about right and wrong,
the good within one and all,
the way home for everyone.
I carry all humans pains within,
feel every tear and see every sin.
Memories forgotten and erased,
walking by fate trough every near death.
I see things humans cant explain,
wandering trough all these pains.
Burden to create heaven and hell.
Be a mirror to every sinner and saint.
How to start explain faith...

// at times its hard to stop the deeper side of me,
at times sounding like speaking in riddles,
a tongue so outside of my self, thats not me.
My energies like no other,
tapping into waves of wonder.
Hey I might just be crazy,
an instrument to dangerous to even be played.
 Sure I got talents , its right down my lianage.
Not explored until now,
but at times I settle down and write shit down,
for some reason, just has to be done.
Let it flow, be one with the echoes,
so  I dont go totally insane.

and the battle begins...

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