Darkside of Timetravel

...what so horrible did I do in the future,
that sentenced me to mediocracy poor life with no way out,
always close to make it, just short out of luck.
Broken down piece by piece so I barely see myself.
only Blessing of being to close to death, one to many times.
Let me have unlimited power of imagination,
endless waves of dreams and visions,
never to get to play these strings,
with such a big open heart,
not only I can see it all, but resonate and feel it to.
An empath to able walk in anyone's shoes.
Be anything I ever can think of.
Feel the very change of time and space,
overlook and grasp any moment as if my own.
See, feel and connect to the smallest of changes.
Cause and effect of energies unkown,
here I sit alone, caged as if holding keys to everyone.
Memories altered, what really happened,
all I know, I dont belong, I just want to run,
help me find a way home....

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