Please Help

...wanting a fighting chance,
get back on my feet and start over,
build a home & have peace of mind.
Nothing more I can do but to pray and wait
so hard to try rely on others kindness alone...

My life is in shambles and rock bottom.
On top of already dealing with traumas
and long neverending unresolved issues and problems.
I sink further and further away from everything,
its my last outcry to get a footing and start over.
Due to a breakdown that lasted for 2 years after a breakup,
Ending that relationship broke me down to edge of insanity.
Manage by grace to pull myself out of it,
as result Ive lost everything,
now standing in ruins all alone.

Now ready to startover but all is in ash,
not even plates to eat on
or for that matter nothing to even cook with.
All you take for granted I dont have anymore,
Got like pair of pants & one pair of shoes,
 no television not even a micro or vacuum cleaner.
As im on sick pension only covers rent and basics.
The swedish state + social well fair wont help.

Have now chronic depression,
general anxiety disorder and more,
that doctors say I just have to live with.
Working days are over,
the pension is just for the basics to live,
not enough to start a whole new life with and start over.
Also no credit score so I cant take any forms of loans,
cant take out any form of credit cards either.

Even over a year of hard daily gym workout is gone,
was at my peak body,
now my obesity comes back with vengeance.

My 3 kids just have to see there father sink more and more.
Cant take them home or even do things with them anymore.
Ive tried it all, no way out as Im alone in this,
I was a good man and now
all just ending in either hospital, homeless or worse.

Always believe anything is possible,
Growing up, my imagination was my only escape to deal with my upbringing,
was the lonely kid who make-believe spaceships going on adventures alone.
Im an extreme over creative kind of person,
been dreaming and escaping my whole life,
When  home computers came took it to another level,
Been gaming for over 40+ years, been my escape and medecin.
Its all the social life I have left.

Always been the over creative type,
one time even been lead level designer for a game.
Now its hard to put passion into anything,
cant keep up, its to many costs, specially starting over.
Trying to get back into TwitchTv / Youtube
but everything just falling apart.

Ive cornered myself into a situation out of my control,
Its why I ask so much to get help,
rebuild my home to have solid ground,
start over and get back being creative
follow my passions and dreams.

Please help,
even small donation gives hope !

Can send direct to my bank SwedBank
 BIC : SWEDSESS   IBAN:  SE1980000816950036111557

Or direct to my PayPal

You can also help buy gifts trough Amazon
Giving me a fighting chance to earn a living
& battle my chronic depression

Also wanting to work with VR
Creating adv & worlds for free with unity

Most things for a home cost so much shipment
but if you can afford it or find other ways, please do.
and for clothes

For contact mail:  majgubbe@gmail.com

Erik Andersson, Sweden
aKa RogueNerdy