Billion Dollar Dream Bucket List

...So if one could dream freely, unlimited funds,
here are parts of my billion dollar bucket list

- Get funding/donations & sponsorships
(to complete my bucketlist and do even more)

- Get my life back from rock bottom
- Get back my ideal body again away from obesity
- Fix my appearance
- make my home again
(all from furniture to utilities and deco)
- all the clothes I need
- take my kids on vacations
- create my studio
- Start creating YT again (vlog, vr content etc)
- Work with VR (create free adv with unity etc)
- Design my own free games & adventures
- Start a charity ticket arcade
(all profits goes direct to charity)
- write my books
- make my art & crafts
- play d&d campaigns 
- Design a clothing line
- explore & share (vlog) what first class is all about
(all from living,vanity to travel & products etc)
- Design my own low end smartphone
- design low end allinone vr helmet & gear
- Experience other cultures everyday foods
- explore worlds amusement parks
- Make and taste ancient foods
- reenact living different timelines
  ( from roman, midevel castle to midwest & scifi )
- reenact survivor alone on an island
- design my own amusement ride/parks
- tour worlds amusement parks
- Go to comicon with my kids
- Go to E3 with my kids
- Visit ancient temples and mysteries
- Go to burningman
- Go ghost hunting
- create music / make album
- More roles in either movie / tv-series
- Work & Learn within movie industry
- Produce my own movie
- Travel and experience live as Eskimos, indians
  and many more cultures and time frames.
- Travel up to space
- Flown in a fighter jet plane
- Experience weightlessness
- go where no man gone before
- explore caves and grotto's
- experience authentic old pirate ship
- Swim with dolphins
- experience shark cage
- north pole
- walk where no man walked before
- walk & explore in the jungle
- walk among an active volcano
- explore the pyramids (sleep inside)
- Safari
- wander and camp in the desert
- explore cities/places/things that rarely shown in media
- Design and produce my own music spectacle
- Design own fireworks show
- create toys / robots
- Experience a submarine
- Try private jet
- Design my own nightclub
- Enjoy casino slots & ticket arcades in different countries
- Enjoy mega yachting
- Coral diving
- Create worlds
- meet aliens
- immortality
- travel the universe / parallels
- my own emotion expo & interactive art
- Create or fund a program Home for everyone (tiny ergo housing for homeless)
- Create trust fund / care packages to aid gamers/youtubers/dreamers in need
   (sets with camera,greenscreen,lights,mic and literature etc)
- fund & help the fields of robotics / ai / space
- Fund and run feed the poor programs ( ex pay there grocery bill etc)
- Inspire and speech
- explore, Invest and aid ventures to push humankind forward
- find love & marry

And the list goes on and on,
Like walter mitty, I have to much dreams & things todo...