Point of no return?

...have I reached point of no return?,
just speaking from the heart and truth is not enough anymore,
its like I have more chance in a third world country to get help,
I have no way out, only begging and rely on kindness of strangers.
Unless its shocking imagery of a catastrophe or
a famous person has a rally others react and come to aid.
 When you sunk pass that you cant take loans,
the state or the well fair has no further options for you,
cant get jobs and work anymore,
have nothing but my computer basically,
like one pair of pants and shoes, no cookingware
not even plates to eat on, cupboards empty.
Everything you take for granted I dont have
only way this is going to end is homelessness or worse,
as Im alone in all this.

Its constant heart pain,
I dont know what to do anymore..

Erik Andersson