...Seemingly 2017 ending on a sad note,
still no solution to all of this.
So badly want to have solid ground under my feet,
able to rebuild my home, only $2500 would
bring back all the basics that most take for granted,
dont even have plates to eat one,
it would give me a fighting chance to chase my dreams.

My passion and drive comes from my past,
I never got help when I grow up, had to battle traumas by myself.
I dont want to see someone else go trough life as I did

But I cant help anyone in my state,
Im barely breathing above the water,
if it continues as is and no one helps
I be in the hospital or worse.

As I come from 40+ years of gaming,
even was lead level designer for one back in 2000
Gaming was my escape to handle everyday life,
keept me away from drugs and criminal ways.
Now its one way to give back and help others.

As written, I have always been over creative,
sometimes its a curse, always have one to many ideas, visions and dreams.

Even though all is in ashes and at rock bottom,
I cant give up hope, compels me to fight.
so keeps on working on a version of my media studio project,
was mainly aimed for youth that never comes to youthcenters
or gets picked up by social-wellfair, like I was once.

Create a twitch media studio for live streaming with them
playing tabletop & dungeons&dragons.at least once a week per group.
(not computer game, old school dice gaming)
Also have another area for commune hangout to socialize
also offer range of activities tease to test new things.
Could be just make some muffins together or
sit down and watch the latest esports.
All made to grow and build together,
inspire dreams, imagination & new projects to do,
as a start platform, could be ideas of new clothes lines
to creating there own show, book or games.
Together take on the journey how to do and achieve it.
Already proven methods I used before for the handicapped.  

Another idea had long is creating an angel network group,
main goal is to take applicants for free around the world,
give them adventures to inspire to live life
Share all as we do it trough all media,
then rense and repeat going up a level.

I have grander dreams to do great work,
but this is something that I can begin with,
easy & cheap to do and execute.
hopefully someone will take a leap with me
and start a journey on to greater work,
first I need to get me back on my feet.

So please help, cant without you !
With $2500 I could restart my life
and have a fighting chance.

Please donate to my https://paypal.me/pools/c/81vW9eayBO

You can also help to build up my own stream,
(give me a chance to earn money)
buy gifts trough Amazon http://a.co/ixihRVa

Here is a little video from my last job many years ago before I hit rock bottom,
I was leading and coaching mentally handicapped to make their own tv-show
You can see me there in the end with the black & gold cap.