...New ideas by the minute but cant act on them because
I have no solid ground, health unstable, no help or funds.
Ive visioned, dreamed, imagine everyday for a life time.

My last project 3 years ago
I was a producer/leader to help mentally handicapped
create there own tv-show and act on there dreams,
At first this idea was mainly aimed for troubled youth
that never comes to youth-centers & sports
or gets picked up by social-wellfair, like I once was.
That rather stay home in the dark, get lost in cyberspace.

So evolve it a bit, now thinking
Create a twitch media studio for live streaming with them
playing tabletop & dungeons&dragons.at least once a week per group.
(not computer game, old school dice gaming)
Also have another area for commune hangout to socialize
also offer range of activities tease to test new things.
Could be just make some muffins together or
sit down and watch the latest esports.
All made to grow and build together, break the cycle
instead inspire dreams, imagination & new projects to do,
Use it as a start platform,
Together take on the journey how to do and achieve there dreams.
Already proven methods I used before for the handicapped.  

Also was looking into creating an old school arcade
which included a ticket arcade where all profits goes direct to charity.
Not only collecting for charity but also active inform about
the charity within the arcade, promote it and show how you helped.
Alternate between charities weekly or monthly.
Visitors can enjoy gaming and win prices with a good conscience.

Was my two last ideas was about to look into,
Now, I just cave in, as nothing is even possible for me,
all comes down to money, something I cant have any extra.
As I live and caged at the lowest point in poverty,
hard to survive yet alone follow once passions,
or even start try to make my own living trough twitchtv or youtube.
Must get back on my feet before I can continue help others.
There is no solutions but to beg and rely on kindness of strangers