just hurts

..all thats left is to see it burn totally down,
been over a year sens last,
true love last forever,
there is nothing I can ever do,
trying so hard to come back alive,
the past still has me caged,
my life is done and over,
all is ash, rumble and poor,
no self respect or spark left,
the alpha I once was has ended.
I just cry laying on the floor.
I thought I could believe,
now the only, is the hurt.
I was coming home,
trying so hard to forget,
but when u seen the light,
you can never go back.
I act as nothing happened,
having relations,
but my heart wont ignite,
having joy of helping someone else,
living trough there eyes
as I meet them there every single time,
hoping that my heart will slowly be alive.
There is not large enough wrecking ball,
it has to be something out of this world....

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